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Property Improvement Program

The Senior Home Repair Program offers home repair loans/grants in the range of $500-$2500 to assist low income senior homeowners with minor home repairs. For more extensive home repairs we work closely with the Westchester County Property Improvement Program.

When funds are provided by Westchester County to repair senior homeowners' properties, WHA will assist with applications.

  • Conditions are eligible if they represent a threat to the health and safety of the homeowner
  • Repairs not to exceed $15,000
  • If repairs are over $15,000 customer may apply for additional funds after one year of initial repairs
  • Funding for this County program is limited

Home-owners must provide proof of:

  • Homeownership (title or deed)
  • Income (tax returns, W-2, pay-stubs, Social Security award letters, etc.)
  • Assets that reflect available resources
  • If program is directed to seniors, proof of age is required
  • The County will inspect conditions prior to repairs
  • Money is not given directly to homeowners

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